Michael Benson settled in beautiful Vilas, NC with his family several years ago. After several attempts with different companies and contractors to get repairs on his cabin completed, he was left frustrated and astonished at the quality of work and service. The men often worked out of their truck and had no established business. They run on "mountain time," have criminal records, and never answer the phone. Hard workers are hard to come by, and all too often they come with a bad apple. So Mike rented an office on King Street and set out to found a family-oriented business to offer the High Country the best service possible. His unique background in marketing helped make Appalachian Construction what it is today: a family of workers who treat your home like our own, every time.

Meet Our Team

Michael Benson, Owner

With nearly 25 years’ experience in marketing, Mike brings a unique attitude to the construction industry. He is business minded and solution oriented, working to bring quality work to every client, every time. He has worked hard to gather a family of subcontractors with decades of construction experience to handle every job, big and small.

Tom Tester, Senior Project Manager

A retired licensed general contractor in North Carolina, Tom offers valuable insight and knowledge to each project. He brings nearly 45 years of experience, tact, and knowledge of both the construction industry and North Carolina building codes and restrictions. He will be on site to ensure each project meets the highest industry quality and safety standards, each and every time.

Wesley Yule, Project Manager

Wes brings a hands-on approach to managing and problem solving on each and every site. He takes the time to get to know each client and job personally. Wes entered the industry with a passion that he carries with him every day, working tirelessly to surpass each new challenge and ensure that our team delivers the highest quality work to your project.

Rudy Rose, Senior Project Weiner & Director of Human Resources

Rudy has been an integral part of the Appalachian Construction team since our founding. He can often be found patrolling job sites and working hard in the office, ensuring that all are working efficiently and collecting his salary in treats. He takes his duty as head of our HR department very seriously, regularly checking in with everyone in the office to maximize productivity through social support and stress reduction.